Citizenship Status Declaration of Section 214 Status
Must be signed by every member; adult must sign for minor(s)

Consent of Request/Release Information
Signature required

Authorization of Release of Information
(HUD 9886 or 9887) (Signature required) every member 18 years or older

Tenant/Applicant Certification
Signature required of head of household

Complete only the one that applies to you along with verification or not applicable

Violence against Women Act
(Documentation required) (Brochure 2 sheets)

Reasonable Accommodation
Signature required

One Strike and You’re Out policy
Signature required

Applying for HUD Assistance?
Signature required

Employment Verification
Report your income from salary wages

Utility verification
(Must be taken to city and signed) (Return with application)

Landlord Verification
Complete form and signature required

Criminal History Consent
Must be signed by members 18 years or older; we notarize at the office

Transfer Request
Signature required

UPCS Annual Inspection To Do List
Helps tenants prepare to pass annual inspection

After application submission, please request information at the time you submit your application.