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Built to Last

Built to Sustain Communities

Rising along the Whitesville Road corridor, Phoenix Landing created 70 high-quality, safe, state-of-the-art apartments specifically for residents aged 55 years and older.

Opened in July 2020, the sustainably-built, LEED Certified Phoenix Landing apartments were the first new construction units created by the City of LaGrange Housing Authority in over half a century.

According to the Development Specific Affordability and Demand Analysis, based on Georgia Department of Community Affairs guidelines, Phoenix Landing was a much-needed development. The 2016-2017 report identified “a need for more units with rental assistance in the market area” as a primary housing void, with vacancy rates in similar units at 0.0%.

In keeping with DCA’s findings, the majority of Phoenix Landing apartments are 1- and 2-bedroom units, with several designed for mobility and/or sight-impaired residents. A handful of 3-bedroom units were included for multi-generational families or grandparents raising grandchildren.

Phoenix Landing Amenities

At Phoenix Landing, LaGrange Housing Authority provides more than adequate, safe, comfortable housing. Working with District 4 Pubic Health Services, the Landing includes an onsite health care facility with a dedicated nursing area for ease of access to medical care.

While conveniently located on Whitesville Road, the nearest grocery and other retail shopping and services are 1.0-2.8 miles from Phoenix Landing, future development concepts include plans for a more walkable, vibrant and connected LaGrange community.

LaGrange Housing Authority service provider West Georgia Star offers accessible, door-to-door transportation to medical appointments, jobs training programs, and other services.