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If assistance is needed, please contact the office to schedule an appointment for filling out the application online.

 Screening Criteria

All applicants must meet the LaGrange Housing Authority’s screening criteria in order to be admitted to the LaGrange Housing Authority. Applicant’s families will be evaluated to determine whether, based on their recent behavior or past conduct such behavior could reasonably be expected to result in compliance with LaGrange’s public housing lease. Emphasis will be placed on whether a family’s admission could reasonably be expected to have a detrimental effect on the development’s environment, other residents, LaGrange Housing Authority employees, or other people residing in the immediate vicinity of the property. LaGrange Housing Authority will also review all financial history for rent or other amounts owed to any other housing authority or other debt to LaGrange Housing Authority including community service in connection with prior tenancy. Otherwise, eligible families will be denied admissions if they fail to meet the suitable criteria.

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